Dental hygiene technique video w/ toothbrush, floss, interproximal brush & rubber tip


North County Dentistry

The video above illustrates how we should be using a variety of dental tools to clean our teeth effectively. Dental hygiene is critically important in maintaining the health of your teeth & dental restorations throughout your life.

How to use a toothbrush?
The toothbrush is angled at a 45 degree angle at the interface between the gums and the tooth. The patient must use light strokes & proceed from one tooth to another tooth while cleaning around the gums. Many patients forget to clean the backside of the teeth which is equally as important as the front. Please take your time addressing all aspects of the tooth while cleaning your teeth.

How to use floss?
The floss is meant to clean in between the teeth. Take the dental floss and hug each tooth as demonstrated in the video. Try to avoid a saw pattern and focus on wrapping the floss around each individual tooth. This is an effective means of keeping your gums healthy and avoiding periodontal disease.

How to use rubber tip?
The Rubber Tip is typically used for those that have heavy plaque around the gums. Take the rubber tip and guide it along the interface of the tooth and the gums.

How to use interproximal brush?
The interproximal brush comes in a variety of sizes. Use the largest size that fits in between the teeth. If too large, the interdental brush will not be able access the embrasure space between the teeth.

I hope these videos help guide those of you interested in keeping your mouth squeaky clean. At your next dental visit, we want your hygienist to compliment you on your healthy gums!