Cure Tooth Decay: Remineralize Cavities & Repair Your Teeth Naturally with Good Food


We live in stress-filled times which unfortunately includes rising medical and dental costs. I see people in my practice who have just lost their job or their house. These people turn to modern foods as a mechanism for coping with their stress, and they wind up with tooth decay. I really understand the difficulty of their situations, and I endeavor to do my best to help my patients by teaching them many of the dietary principles outlined in Ramiel Nagel’s landmark book, Cure Tooth Decay. Those who follow the principles have a high degree of success in halting their cavities and those who don’t come back to me with more and more cavities.

Conventional dentists view the teeth and dental health as unrelated to the rest of the body, so they cannot teach their patients any holistic practices that can help save their teeth. However, your entire body is connected to your mouth. There are meridians, energy channels, and biological pathways such as nerves, veins and arteries that run through your entire body, connecting everything. I hope to see more preservative dentistry or minimally invasive dentistry in the future. In the holistic approach we examine the effects of dental materials on the whole body both chemically and electromagnetically. The end point of a meridian (bioelectrical pathway) is a tooth and what happens to that tooth and related structures can affect the bioelectrical stability of the meridian and all glands and organs associated with that meridian. An infected tooth can therefore also affect a gland at a distant site. An infection or inflammation in the mouth can create a systemic (whole body) inflammation or infection. This whole body inflammation cannot be cleared until the condition of the mouth is addressed first. The immune system, minerals and hormones also interact with the tooth and related structures.

Your diet is the key to creating a healthy mouth. There is no other way about it. This is the key issue, and the central theme of Cure Tooth Decay. When people eat too many processed foods, especially sugar and flour products, they wreak havoc on the body. Insulin levels spike, cortisol goes up, and the flow of parotid gland hormone changes, resulting in cavities. When you consume too much sugar, the hormones that control tooth mineralization change for the worse. When you have adequate healthy hormones, the tooth is healthy and is engaged in the process of maintaining and building healthy tooth structure, through the process of mineralization. When you don’t have a good diet, your body’s ability to repair and maintain healthy teeth and gums is severely limited. And the result is tooth destruction, or demineralization. If you learn one thing from this book, it should be that eating too much processed sugar and flour products upsets the entire hormone system. This not only sets you up for tooth decay or gum disease, but makes your entire body overly acidic. In the acidic state, harmful bacteria and fungi can thrive.

When people are stressed they often crave comfort foods such as sugar and starch (flour products). The metabolism of an individual who craves sugar is generally in a sugar burning, rather than fat burning mode to produce energy. If people stay off the sugar for seven days and consume adequate amounts of the good saturated fats, they lose their cravings for sugar and their tooth problems significantly improve. After they have stabilized and lost their sugar craving they can have only low sugar fruits: green apple, pear, kiwi and berries (no sugar on top!). If you are susceptible to tooth decay, stay away from all sweet fruits; many of them have all been hybridized to make them as sweet as possible. I once stayed away from all fruits for a period of time, then I bit into a Fuji apple—it tasted like candy!

Cure Tooth Decay is nothing short of a lifesaver for people. The protocol in this book is very effective for preventing cavities and mineralizing teeth. Beyond that, I would expect people to experience increased vitality and vibrancy due to the increased intake of nourishing vitamins and minerals.

Cure Tooth Decay is a godsend for people; I cannot say it enough. It helps readers fully understand how modern, devitalized food causes disease. As a dentist, I know that you don’t want to spend so much money on your dental care. I am therefore rooting for all of you to change your lifestyles for the better so that you won’t have to. The nutritional approach to treating cavities works! This means people will need fewer fillings in their teeth, and they will walk away much happier from their dental visits. There’s nothing better than keeping one’s original teeth.

Wishing you a happy smile and a satisfying visit to the dentist, with no new cavities!

Dr Timothy Gallagher, DDS
President, Holistic Dental Association, Sunnyvale, California