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cosmetic dentistry cost

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As a local family dentist, Dr. Vanek treats patients of all ages. Whether working with children or a senior citizen, he makes sure that every patient is completely comfortable during their dental treatments and provides preventative dental care to help patients avoid getting cavities or an infection. As an expert general dentist, Dr. Vanek can answer all of your questions about dental care.

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cosmetic dentistry cost

Tooth discoloration is a normal part of aging. As people age, enamel wears down, and teeth take on a duller appearance. Teeth can also become discolored from smoking and heavy consumption of coffee or tea. Other causes of tooth discoloration include side effects of medications (specifically certain antibiotics) used during the developmental phase of the teeth, an individual’s genetic makeup, and excessive fluoride consumption (fluorosis, seen in both children and adults). Teeth whitening and veneers offer a cosmetic dentistry solution for people with discolored or dull-looking teeth.

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