Colloidal Silver, Oil Pulling & General Health


Colloidal Silver, Oil Pulling & General Health.
Oral health is closely related to general health. Often germs in the mouth will not only affect the health of the teeth and gums, but also effect the overall health of the body. Fluoride in toothpaste will have a detrimental effect on the body, after a period of time. Only 1 part of fluoride in 30 million is toxic to the body. Colloidal silver as a mouthwash is very safe and far more effective than any mouthwash on the market for killing microbes that cause gum disease or tooth decay. Also the homemade variety of colloidal silver is less costly.
Oil pulling is also very effective for removing toxins from the mouth and improving general overall health. On of the best oil to use with oil pulling is coconut oil because coconut oil is highly anti-microbial, anti- viral and anti-bacteria, besides having the ability to pull toxins out of the mouth.