Colloidal Silver Helped me Save Hundreds of Dollars! Tooth Abcess Testimony

Colloidal Silver Testimony
My boyfriend had a bad tooth and wanted to try Colloidal Silver so I ordered some for him. Three days before the colloidal silver came I had a tooth problem! When it came in my face was so swollen it hurt to talk! This toothache really took me down!

I know people who will travel to other countries to have dental work done because the cost in the USA is so high! It’s no wonder people run around with rotten teeth in this country!

Anyway, here is a three day testimoial for Colloidal Silver. I do not want to turn blue, therefore do not plan to use this in excess but I haven’t taken any antibiotics the only thing I used is Colloidal Silver.

Oh and my boyfriend, who has been holding his face in pain for the last two months hasn’t had any problems with his mouth either after using Colloidal Silver. This really is the stuff the dentists and doctors don’t want you to know about or use! It would put them out of business!

I don’t know where this so called “Obamacare” is but I have yet to see anything but higher costs!

UPDATE: It has been more than three years since I used colloidal silver and I haven’t had a single problem! #2016