Cocopull – Oil Pulling the Smart Way – How to use Oil Pulling


Have you asked yourself lately, “What is oil pulling?” It’s the trend right now for natural teeth whitening and more and more people are talking about it.

Coconut Oil has multiple benefits and has been used in the Indian medicine for thousands of years.

Using oil pulling is a very simple method to whiten your teeth naturally.
PLUS: It removes bacteria that cause bad breath and plaque.
Apart from this, oil pulling is also an effective method to get rid of bad breath and it can even help you to get soft skin and a glowing complexion.

The results after just two weeks of oil pulling are just surprising!
Whiter teeth, healthy gums and a fresh breath.

And this All natural, with no harmful chemicals, no bleach, and no artificial flavorings.

Cocopull ihas only 2 ingredients, yes TWO.
1 – cold-pressed, organic virgin coconut oil
2 – organic peppermint oil.

Both ingredients are of the highest quality available on the market today.

How do you use Cocopull?

1. By using one packet a day before at any convenient time, simply swish the oil around in your mouth for five to ten minutes and gradually build your way up to 15 to 20 minutes. For proven results it is recommended to swish at leatst10 minutes daily.

2. Once the time is up, spit it out, the best into trash. Immediately rinse the mouth with warm water and brush your teeth afterwards. We recommend not to use a tooth paste that contains fluoride.

Note how much cleaner and fresher your gums and teeth feel and for best results, simply repeat this process for 14 days straight!

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