Cocopull – Benefits and How to Use


Hi, I’m Veronica with Aviva Pure. I’ll be demonstrating for you how to oil pull and use Cocopull – a 14-day oil pulling detox for brighter teeth and a healthier smile.

Coconut Oil Pulling has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for nearly 3,000 years. It works by helping to remove toxins found on the teeth and gums that cause bad breath and leave them yellow.

Benefits of Coconut Oil Pulling:
Brighter, Whiter Teeth – helps remove coffee and tea stains on teeth without using harmful chemicals that bleach the teeth and irritate the gums.

Gets Rid of Bad Breath – helps to remove odor-causing toxins that contribute to embarrassing, bad breath.

Refreshed, Softer Skin – skin issues often result of toxins found in the body. Oil pulling helps removes much of the causes of these issues.

14 Individual Cocopull Packets formulated with cold pressed, virgin coconut oil and organic peppermint oil. Besides peppermint oils great taste, it also has properties to help with bad breath and whiten teeth.

Completely natural with no added artificial flavorings or chemicals. Mess free & perfect for taking on the go.

Directions for oil pulling with coconut oil:
1) Use on packet daily before brushing
2) Start by swishing around your mouth for 5 minutes, and gradually build up over time to 15-20 minutes.
3) Spit out in trash, and immediately brush your teeth to remove toxins.
4) Note how much cleaner your teeth and gums feel, and repeat the process for 14 straight days

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