Causes Of Acne Highlighted By Dr Barry Lycka

allure Causes of Acne are highlighted by Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka in his latest
video, part 2 of his 3 part mini-series on Acne (March 2015)

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I’m talking to you today about ACNE – this is the second part of a three part series.
In the previous video we talked a little bit about what Acne is but today let’s talk about the causes of acne.

One of the causes of acne in almost everybody is HORMONES. So when hormones are changing or you are getting more hormones then things happen…

If you are a body builder and taking steroids – almost certainly you will get some acne.
Also if you have a diet that takes in hormones we find that that is a problem. And one of the causes of that seems to be dairy products. Why? Well for cows to make milk they have to have high levels of hormones in their body. Some of them come out in their milk and so in a person who is really sensitive that will cause problems with acne.

In some people, being pregnant causes their acne to get worse. For others, taking birth control pills causes their acne to get worse.

So there are things in your environment that can contribute to acne, such as not washing your face, or using certain types of makeup.

So check with a good dermatologist – they frequently can help with controlling acne. For those in the Edmonton area, I’d love to help you with this, so call the office 780-665-3546 if you would like to.

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