Can mouthwash prevent recurrent Tonsillitis? – Dr. Sriram Nathan


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Most of the time mouthwashes, they contain chemicals like chlorhexidine or you have chemical like povidone iodine, the iodine based mouthwashes. Many at times the warm water or the salt water is recommended. Mouthwashes are known to improve the dental hygiene. It reduces the incidence of halitosis. If you have halitosis, it will be better with the use of mouthwashes. It is usually recommended by your dental surgeon or by your ENT surgeon postoperatively, after tonsillectomy surgery or after surgeries in the oral cavity, if there is a biopsy performed. But most of the times, it just improves the dental hygiene. Improvement of dental hygiene will improve your immunity so that you will not get recurrent infections. But specifically reducing the incidence of tonsillitis is not very well known. But if you see that mouthwashes are helping you, you can carry on. Sometimes mouthwashes can cause many problems. It can cause allergy, ulcerations even because of mouthwashes. So in any case the specific use of the mouthwashes should be done only under the guidance of an ENT surgeon or a dental surgeon and if you have problems persisting after the regular use of mouthwashes, it is imperative that you see your ENT surgeon.

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