Can Alum be used to clean oral cavity Are there any side efffects? – Dr. Jayaprakash Ittigi


Generally alum is quite commonly used to clean to oral cavity to clean up the tissues and also cleaning up the skin, cleaning any kind of decomposing area. Alum is the chemical name which is the potassium aluminium sulphate. It is a crystal like material , which is easily soluble in water, which is generally used to cure the sore throat, in order to cure the skin problem, the hair problems, or wherever there is a fungus or infection or inflammation, when burns, wounds are there, , when there is excess or bleeding gum. When there is excess or bleeding, we can use alum. Generally in homeopathy it is called as mother tincture. Mother tincture is used to cure the bleeding gums, the sore throat, when there is a discomfort to the patient, when healing wounds are there. when there is a slow inflammation or delayed wound healing, alum can be used. But the side effects are very minimal to the patient. So when there is overdose, patient will complain of a burning sensation or a discomfort to that area. So that is a very transient period of time. So minimal use of alum or potassium sulphate generally eradicate all the pain, soreness or bleeding gums or any irritation to the patient of the oral cavity.