Can Activated Charcoal REALLY Whiten Teeth Naturally? | Before and After on Teeth with Fluorosis


My teeth are looking more stained than they normally do, most likely due to me drinking a lot more tea (and whiskey…), now that the weather is colder and the holidays are on. Please note that I do have a condition called fluorosis, which causes my teeth to have patchy, mottled stains, to some extent, at all times.

However, with oil pulling for 2+ years and more holisitic oral care products and practices overall, my stains from fluorosis are much less noticeable, and my teeth are typically much whiter than they have ever been. So, I wanted to give the charcoal a shot to see if it can help restore my teeth to how they normally look, nowadays. Based on today’s result, my plan is to continue doing this every day for 2-3 weeks, to see how much I can whiten my teeth at home on the cheap!

I purchased my activated charcoal tablets from the Vitamin Shoppe. It was .99 for the jar. This was the only kind that they had in the store, but the only ingredients in them are activated charcoal, and the gelatin capsules (which I emptied and discarded, anyway), so that was perfect for my needs.

I emptied two of the capsules into a glass, added 1 tablespoon of distilled water, mixed it together and swished it in my mouth for 5 minutes on freshly-brushed teeth. I brushed my teeth again afterward, with a separate tooth brush that will only be used for this process, from now on.

Have you ever tried this? Leave a comment!


Inspired by MsVcharles’ video on DIY natural teeth whitening with activated charcoal, seen here: