Brushing your Teeth Video: It may NEVER be the same!


Brushing powder is OLD school, BUT we made it NEW school. We created a science-based dental powder that tastes like an “altoid” and is RIDICULOUSLY STRONG and FRESH (and you can eat it).

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We created a dental product that contains all the antibacterial benefits of a mouthwash, with all of the plaque/tarter/tooth whitening benefits of a tooth powder. And you can eat it.

Did you know that 81% of the population has an oral care issue. Yet, it’s essential to being HEALTHY. What we are using is not WORKING.

The mouth is a cesspool with over 700 species of bacteria. We made something strong enough to address that, but made it ALL NATURAL, because what you put in your mouth gets absorbed into your bloodstream immediately.

Most people use dental products filled with irritants, endocrine disruptions & toxic ingredients, multiple times a day.

This is the “altoid” of brushing experiences. It’s a whole new level of clean. It contains well researched ingredients that rebuild enamel, kill bacteria, and heal the gums. It does everything. It can also be used as a mouthwash or an intense breath freshener. You can instantly change the pH of your mouth to a super alkaline 10 and halt decay.

Frau Fowler is putting the TREAT back into Treatment and the CARE back into Oral Care.

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