Bogota implant dentistry 2016 / 2 to 5 days / Only for USA and Europe patients


Bogota – Dental implants and crowns 2 to 5 days. Zirconium tooth. Computerized ceramic veneers, lumineers, laminates. Warranty. /. Appointments PBX / Whatsapp +57 3102344635 / + 57 3166447607 . Dentists, Oral implantologists. Bogota, Colombia

Dental implants in Bogota. Top Brands. Free Valuation PBX / WhatsApp +57 3102344635. Prosthesis, implantologist, implantologists. Specialized replacement teeth with dental implants and teeth in porcelain and zirconium. High cosmetic dentistry in Bogota – Colombia. Replenishment of teeth and esthetic with titanium implants and immediate metal free crowns. Dental implants Bogota, Colombia. Imported implants. Guaranteed implants. Dental implants economic in Bogota, Colombia. Separate your appointment PBX WhatsApp +57 3102344635.

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