Blackheads, Black heads, Blackheads – 24K Gold Peel Mask! 👍😃💯


24K Gold Mask:

This lavish, pampering treatment helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful-looking complexion. Caffeine helps tighten and firm the look of skin while peridot—an exquisite gemstone rich in magnesium—re-energizes and helps reduce the aging effects of stress. The 24K gold imparts an opulent, radiant glow and locks in moisture for ultra-hydrated skin.

Women have always found gold to be an irresistible accessory, be it in their jewelry, their clothing, their facials or their beauty routines. Throughout history, gold has been an indispensable part of a woman’s life. From queens and rulers such as Cleopatra to modern-day celebrities and stars, the use of gold for beauty and skin care can be seen in almost every single civilization. If you’re still trying to figure out the reasons behind the hype for those gold facials, your search finally comes to an end. OROGOLD Cosmetics offers a comprehensive idea about gold facials through this article and shows you how to use the treatment that has won the hearts of millions of women all over the globe.

The ideal way to go about your gold masks or your gold facials is to get them done under expert supervision. However, when it comes to gold masks, there are certain products such as the OROGOLD Cleopatra Nano Regimen that can be used to recreate the perfect spa day at home. But before you start off on your golden journey to the most luxurious facial of your life, there are a few things that you need to take care of.

Tip # 1 – Invest in a good gold mask
The quality of the product is everything when it comes to a gold mask. Investing in a quality product such as the ORO GOLD Cleopatra Nano Regimen helps you make the most of its lustrous formulation. A typical gold mask kit contains gold sheets, a facial cream and a serum. Some products also contain scrubs and cleansers.

Tip # 2 – Cleanse your skin before using the gold mask
Make sure that you start things off by cleansing your skin. Although cleansing is important before any skin-care regimen, it becomes essential before a gold mask treatment. Massage your face using your favorite cleanser and rinse off with lukewarm water. Pat your face dry.

Tip # 3 – Always start off with the cream
Apply the cream offered together with the product on your face using gentle, circular motions. Massage the product on your face and neck area until it disappears completely. The best creams usually contain ingredients such as aloe vera, gold, sodium hyaluronate, vitamin A, jojoba oil extract, olive oil extract and vitamin E.

Tip # 4 – Apply the gold mask
Each product has a different application process. So make sure that you go through the how to use instructions before applying the gold mask on your face. Follow the given instructions to the letter, and don’t try to experiment. After all, these instructions have been offered after a lot of research. While applying the gold mask, place the sheets properly on your face.

Tip # 5 – Remove the mask in the prescribed manner
After leaving the mask on your face for approximately 20 minutes, gently apply the serum (also offered together with the mask) on your facial skin and massage until using circular motions. Finally, wipe off the mask from your face using compressed pads. Many brands offer their own compressed pads that are designed to work best with the product.

Tip # 6 – Don’t skip out on the post-facial moisturizer
After wiping off the residue product from your face, complete your gold mask routine by applying the moisturizer again. With the application of this moisturizer, your gold facial is complete. And you are sure to see a visible change in the way your face and neck area looks.

Things to Remember

Always choose a good-quality product.
Never mix your gold facial products with your regular-use products.
Make sure that you clean your hands before cleansing your face.
Keep the mask on your skin for close to 20 minutes. Under doing it would make it ineffective and over doing it might lead to skin damage. The idea is to get the timing just right. OROGOLD recommends you to set a timer while applying the mask on your face.
The best part about gold masks is that they are totally safe for your skin. So when are you planning to try out this luxurious skin care treatment on your own facial skin? Doesn’t this concept sound really exciting? Visit the OROGOLD Store today for a free product demonstration. After all, your skin deserves the best.