Best Way On How To Lose Weight By Walking – Complete Guide



Let’s say it like it is – we are all unsatisfied with our weight. Some like to lose more, while others are having problems gaining weight. The quick and “effective” diets aren’t really working, and losing weight is becoming quite a challenge nowadays. But, what if you could lose weight efficiently and quickly without being aware of it?

Yes, this is possible with a simple practice – walking. Walking is a great and overlooked exercise that uses all the major muscle groups and can help you lose a lot of weight. However, people are unsure about how much they need to walk to lose a certain amount of weight, and we’re going to show you what you need to pay attention to.

When walking, there are 2 factors in play for burning calories – body weight and walking area. You can burn 400 calories by walking for 1 hours (with an average speed of 4 mph.). 2000 steps burn 100 calories and equal a mile of walking, so to lose a pound, you’ll need to burn a total of 3500 calories. The best and safest way of losing weight is losing a pound a week or 500 calories per day. This means that you should walk about 5 miles per day.
Everything counts when walking – take the steps instead of the elevator at home or work, walk your kids to school, go to the grocery store on foot and avoid taking the bus or a taxi often. This will help you reach your goals and make you fit as well. Experts recommend starting with 15-20 minutes walks for the first 3 days, then gradually increasing the duration until you reach an hour of walking 3-5 times a week. This will become a routine after a while, and you’ll be able to lose weight easily and without being aware of.

Pedometers and activity monitor apps can also help you reach your goals, so we encourage you to use them.

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