Best Recipe For Whiten Teeth – Get Rid Of Teeth Problems Naturally


Best Recipe For Whiten Teeth – Get Rid Of Teeth Problems Naturally
In 2015, Americans alone spent over billion on teeth whitening, including over .4 billion on at-home whitening products. If you want whiter teeth, but also want to avoid the chemicals, then this video is very beneficial for you.
In this video, I will show you a simple remedy to whiten your teeth without using harmful chemicals.
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You need-
• Lemon
• Baking soda or hydrogen peroxide
All these three ingredients erode your teeth enamel. Let’s me show you an easy and safe remedy. For this you need-
• one tablespoon of olive oil
• one tablespoon coconut oil
• three tablespoons Listerine
the method of preparation- take a small bowl and mix all the ingredients well.
Usage- put this mixture of your regular toothpaste on your brush or dip the brush in the solution and brush really well. After brushing, rinse your mouth with the remaining solution.
Check your teeth. They will be a shade whiter.

Some studies suggest that eating a little cheese after meals prevent decay, helps repair teeth and keeps the acid level in the mouth low. Apart from the above, leafy green vegetables like spinach, lettuce and broccoli, contain iron that forms a film over the teeth thus making them acid resistant and protects the enamel.
You can also try hydrogen peroxide with some baking soda. Make a paste of these ingredients. Using this, brush your teeth like always, making sore you brush all your teeth properly and reach every corner possible.
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