Best Prepaid Card Review – Green Dot, Netspend, Amex, Chase, VIEW the Description and Comments


This is a review for a number of the most popular prepaid debit cards. Detailed information for each card is listed below in this description and added comments.

Here is the breakdown in no particular order:

.95 Activation Fee with two Plans
{videoDescription} Monthly Fee (PayAsYouGo) or Monthly Fee (FeeAdvantage)
(The {videoDescription} No Monthly Fee Plan includes purchase fees of .00 per credit and .00 per pin purchase. The Per Month Fee Plan credit card and pin purchases are free and included in the plan. KEY BENEFIT is the Fee is waived after each 4th consecutive month of being on that plan. So, the annual total fee would be instead of . This is only available for the Transact 7-Eleven Netspend Card.)
.95 Cash Reload Fee (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, 7-Eleven, etc.)
(If you reload the card only at 7-Eleven, they waive the reload charge on every 4th reload, so the 4 reloads cost per load in this case.)
{videoDescription} for ATM Withdrawals at Allpoint Terminals at 7-Eleven only
.50 for ATM Withdrawals from Netspend and additional fee from Non-Allpoint and all other terminals.
3% Foreign Transaction Fee
,000 Maximum Balance
FREE SAVINGS ACCOUNT – 5% on first ,000
90 Days Inactive with no purchases incurs .95 Fee
(This card appears to be the best card Netspend offers for a number of reasons. I highly suggest the per month plan because it ends up being .75 per month because the fee is waived at the end of the 4th, 8th and 12th month. The no monthly fee plan costs too much for purchases. The savings account at 5% for the first ,000 with no minimum or need for direct deposit to open the account is a huge bonus. This debit card account with the savings account can be a decent replacement for a checking and savings account at a physical bank. Additionally, reloading and withdrawals at 7-Eleven can save you more money.)

{videoDescription} Activation Fee at CVS
.95 Monthly Fee (No Fee for residentd in TX, NY and VT)
{videoDescription} Reload Fee (No Fee at CVS, Rite Aid, 7-Eleven, Walmart)
{videoDescription} (No Fee) for ATM Withdrawals at Moneypass Terminal
.50 for ATM Withdrawals – Non-Moneypass
(BONUS PERK is ATM Withdrawals at US Bank and TCF Bank are completely free. All other terminals charge the standard additional .50 to .00 from the bank. Moneypass includes US Bank, TCF, Citibank and others.)
2.75% Foreign Transaction Fee
Practically No Maximum Balance – Agent from AMEX said that a customer can have up to 0,000 loaded on this card
RESERVE ACCOUNT which is a non-interest paying savings account.
SUB-ACCOUNTS for student, kids and even spouses are available where they get their own card which the main cardholder transfers desired amount into the sub-account.
(KEEP IN MIND that the AMEX Serve Green Card is different than the silver and blue Serve cards. The other two charge for cash reloads. The silver has a higher monthly fee but has a 1% cash back program. The blue card has a .00 monthly fee but the cash reloads cost .95. The AMEX Bluebird card is also a possible option but I found the AMEX green card to be the best prepaid card available. With this card, the fees are low, there is a reserve account, sub-accounts, no cash reload fees and possibly no fees for cash withdrawal. The maximum balance also is very high, so this card is a definite option as an alternative to a checking and savings account combo at a physical bank. AMEX also is more widely accepted.)

Monthly fee of .95 (Wells Fargo’s is .00)
All are “non-check” checking accounts where a customer can deposit checks or money at the branch ATM or inside the bank and not at retail locations. All have a high maximum balance limit up to 0,000 or more.

GREEN DOT: (Average)
.95 Activation Fee
.95 Monthly Fee (Waived if you load ,000 or 30 Purchases)
.95 Cash Reload Fee (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, 7-Eleven, etc.)
.50 for ATM Withdrawals
(The bank where you withdraw money still charges their fee of .50 to .00)
3% Foreign Transaction Fee
,000 Maximum Balance
(A 5% cash back card is available for .95 per month but only has an annual maximum payout of 0. You can save money on reloads by using direct deposit or bank wire transfer instead of cash reloads)
NO savings account
(Card is worth it ONLY if the monthly fee of .95 is waived wihile not spending too much on reloads or ATM Withdrawals. Not the best checking account substitute because of fees and low maximum.)

PAYPAL offers a .95 per month and .95 cash reload card that is convenient for paypal customers that want their cash faster than transfer to bank. Debit card account is a separate account from paypal account. 3.95 Activation Fee, .95 ATM Fee plus terminal charge. Debit account can be funded by main Paypal account if there is a balance or your checking/savings account.