Best Oil for Oil Pulling – Oral Detox & More


Well if you are familiar with Oil Pulling you might be looking out for your preferred choice, be it Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil, Sunflower Oil or even Oil Pulling with Olive Oil? After all, what we are trying to avoid is “pulling teeth out”.


Perhaps more important then answering the question: How to Oil Pull? or How often to Oil Pull? here we share some special insights, which you might want to include in your oil-pulling regime – wisdom going back thousands of years, which you might wish to embrace and get working for you.

Most seem attracted to try out Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil or even Olive Oil. Yet, what we are talking about here is opening “mother natures pharmacy” fully to benefit from what she has prescribed to dental patients over the centuries to discover the best possible oil – one sure to deliver the full range of benefits oil pulling has to offer, for good oral care of teeth, gums and the whole oral cavity.

Innovative and prolific as mother-nature is, we can see how she has really done the business for us all – providing numerous active ingredients designed to maintain, protect, preserve and freshen our overall ‘smile’.

Further, in looking after our oral health, our overall immune system is assisted and bolstered because as fewer unhelpful bacteria are swallowed from the mouth cavity, our overworked immune system and liver has fewer toxins to process and expel from the body.

Many people in today’s modern world are perplexed as to why they are often fatigued and tired for no apparent reason. Even after a long nights sleep they wake up shattered. Of course there could be 1001 contributing factors but one thing is for sure, if we are able to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria moving from the mouth into the stomach and intestine then we are giving our overall body function and immune system a helpful boost, by reducing its daily workload – so let’s get started.