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allure Best Dentists Denver Is gum disease curable? I get asked this question all the time. Watch this quick video and get an instant answer.

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Gum Disease also called Periodontal Disease is a bacterial infection. If this is not treated, will progress and can seriously affect your overall health.

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Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease. At this point, gums are sore and bleed when brushing or flossing. if you ignore it gingivitis will become periodontal. This is where the bacteria penetrates the protective layer of skin and attack the tissue that anchors holds the teeth to bone. Your teeth will then become loose and spaces will form in between your teeth.

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It is extremely important that you do what you can to get rid of the bacteria that is causing periodontal disease. You can do this in your own home with by using mouthwash with daily regular brushing and flossing that you probably already do.

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You want to keep damaging bacteria from taking up residence under your gums where the real damage is caused. Mouthwash is formulated to bring in oxidizing action into where the bacteria reside, this will kll the bacteria that turns into plaque before it hardens.

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