Beautiful Smile – Holistic Dentistry – Dr. Michael Schecter – Interview #102


Time stamps below allow you to skip to your favourite questions.
Dr. Michael Schecter is a Toronto dentist who practices holistic or biological dentistry /
2:20 – what is a biological or holistic dentist and how is it different from a regular dentist?
4:34 – Dr. Schecter takes us through the process of taking on a new patient. What is a Canary scan?
5:58 – how can you remineralize tooth enamel?
7:32 – Dr. Schecter shares some tips on how to prevent tooth enamel damage.
9:44 – Holistic dentist Dr. Michael Schecter discusses how our diets can contribute to or help prevent cavities. The organizations he mentions in this segment are and
13:24 – gum disease is inflammation – inflammation in the body is associated with many other dieases. Dr. Schecter explains gum disease, periodontal disease and dental bone loss
15:22 – Toronto dentist Dr. Schecter discusses plaque and gum disease / inflammation
16:37 – you can catch cavity-causing mircobes from other people! Dr. Schecter shares a story about a patient who had candida under her gums.
20:25 – what is ozone treatment / ozone therapy?
24:09 – some more cool things about ozone
25:30 – Dr. Schecter shares some of his natural dental hygiene products and maintaining healthy mouth, preventing cavities, remineralizing teeth & even fighting acne
29:10 – Dr. Schecter is developing a healthier alternative to teeth whitening and bleaching
31:54 – why does it take the medical establishment so long to adopt new ideas and new, proven technology?
33:37 – Mercury fillings?
35:33 – Dr. Schecter’s opinion on fluoride – the toothpaste he mentions is
39:33 – the positive news in modern dentistry. The book he mentions is Teeth Are Our Organs by Kazumasa Muratsu
44:07 – Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is used in some of their dental surgery – what’s happening with tooth regeneration?
47:15 – where do you see dental care heading from an economic standpoint?

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