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allure, Barry Brace DMD and Associates have two state of the art cosmetic dental offices in the greater St. Louis area where they offer cosmetic dentist patients a wide variety of services including dental implants, dentures, implant retained dentures, dental porcelain veneers, dental crowns and bridges, teeth whitening, etc… .

Dr. Brace and his friendly staff are dedicated to providing their patients with the most exceptional and gentle dental care possible. Many patients say things like, “I love the vibe here. Everyone is smiling.” Many patients drive 30-45 minutes each way to visit Barry Brace DMD and Associates for their regular dental visits.

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To watch this video on our Videobash channel, click here:, Barry D. Brace DMD and Associates sponsored an “Invitation Only” dental implant seminar to educate other local dentists about the benefits of dental implants, and implant retained dentures versus partial dentures, dentures, and bridges.

Many patients don’t realize that most bone loss occurs within the fist six months of having a tooth extracted. Once you lose your bone it is very difficult and expensive to grow it back. Therefore, the best time to get dental implants is immediately after a tooth is lost or extracted, so there is bone to hold the dental implant in the mouth.

What are the advantages of dental implants? Implants feel and function like natural teeth. Many denture wearing patients complain about not being able to eat certain foods since their dentures are not tight in their mouths like regular teeth would be. They even complain that they are nervous about smiling and laughing because they are afraid their dentures might fall out! This is embarrassing and can be fixed with dental implants. Dentures that are held in with dental implants feel and function more like normal teeth. In studies dentists have estimated you have up to about 200 lbs. of chewing forces you use to chew and bite foods with your natural teeth. Dentures reduces that number to about 20-40 lbs. So you can see why dentures wearing patients complain! Implant retained dentures raise the chewing forces to about 140-160 lbs. of chewing forces. Not as much as natural teeth, but a huge improvement!! And patients never complain about feeling like their dentures might fall out when they smile and laugh. It restores quality of life to patients who have experienced tooth loss.

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