Bad Boy Summer Style: How To Look Like A Bad Boy (Even If You’re Not One) Pt3


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In this video men’s grooming and style expert, Aaron Marino of, talks about and shows you how to dress like a “bad boy” during the summer months. Most of us are not what you would call a “bad boy” but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look like a bad boy. This is an easy to follow bad boy look that will have you looking like a bad boy in no time!

Bad Boys don’t wear pleated khaki shorts and boat shoes– so don’t show up at a spring or summer picnic wearing these! You have a reputation to uphold! Remember, image is all about consistency.
Bad Boy Summer Essentials
Tanks- use a white *wife beater* as a main shirt (if you’ve been diligent with your workouts) or base layer for summer look. In this situation, an undershirt gives you a dangerous edge. You’re wearing a nice fitted button-up but only button one button. You’re letting the *wife beater* show. You’re putting together a persona that gives you an edge.
Shirts – the simple white or black v-neck or crew with no graphics. Keep it clean.
Shorts – not the type with a hem or a place to hang your hammer. Alpha is talking about cut-off and distressed jean shorts. Give the shorts a fold up (one single cuff) which says you are bad but a bit refined.
Belt – casual cotton belt that is not too fancy. The belt says *whatever*.
Footwear- no driving mocs, boat shoes, or super nice Nikes and no mandles! Low top Chucks or high top fresh kicks are the choice. Bad boys, on the average, don’t show their toes. But if you’re going to express your bad boy style in flip flops, make sure your toes are in check and taken care of. Get them cut and cleaned!
Shades- the ultimate choice that fits with practically every face shape is the black Wayfarer by Ray Ban.