[Authentic Beauty] How to Make Your Own Natural Deodorant that Really Works


To learn more about “natural beauty” hoax infecting most natural health food stores, watch this natural beauty exposé of 16 of the most well-known “natural” cosmetic companies. I reviewed some of their ingredient lists, suppliers, etc. and the results of this exposé will shock you!

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Here’s the story of how Mika finally switched to an all-natural deodorant that we make ourselves with 3 simple, easy-to-find ingredients:

Mika was having a lot of skin rash and irritation, including psoriasis under her arms. This was causing a lot of pain and discomfort to her skin. She called a dermatologist who is a family member and recommended prescription creams. I suggested she do a gentle salt water rinse, at which point she told me she didn’t want to do it because she would have to put her deodorant on. WHAT?!? “What deodorant.”

She showed me her container of “natural” store-bought deodorant and I told her to read the ingredient list and helped her look up the ingredients of her so-called “natural deodorant” in the Skin Deep database and the first ingredient was a major skin irritant.

So I showed Mika how to make her own All Natural Deodorant withing about 4 minutes and she was out the door and off to school. Within days of using the natural deodorant that we made, her skin cleared up enormously! Some lessons are learned the hard way. 😉 No matter how much I have encouraged Mika to use truly natural beauty care products, she keeps giving into marketing and this time it bit her in the armpits! 😉

Hope you enjoy!