Attract Love (For Women)


Welcome to the “Attract Love”. Here you will see our complete system for finding and keeping the love of your life:

This meditation is created by Luba Evans, who has been teaching thousands of women to unleash their feminine magic and attract the love that they want.

This guided meditation contains special unintrusive Erocksonian techniques that speak directly to the subconscious collective. If you find that your conscious mind is resisting the journey, it means that there is still a part of you that does not want to change. It is the part of you that wants to continue thinking that you do not deserve to be loved. That part of you is your protector – it is trying to save you from disappointment.

But the good news is that your subconscious mind cannot resist, because the journey goes deeper that you remember yourself – it goes directly into your soul. This is a trans-personal meditation. All you need to do is to trust it and relax.

Luba has been leading these kind of meditations in-person to hundreds of people in USA, Russia, Spain, India and South America. Every woman who listens to this meditation diligently transforms into an irresistible magnetic woman.

To enhance the experience and expedite your personal process – wear headphones, and listen to this meditation for 40 days.

As you change your inner world, the outer world will change as well.
Start living from the place of Love, and the Beloved will appear.

If you’d like to know more about Luba’s course on how to calling the best relationship of your life watch our free video on the Law of Devotion:

Music: Music for Hypnotheraphy by Robert Tousignant, purchased at AudioJungle.