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Here is a short list of dental questions with answers from dental professionals who are in the dental implants industry.

How Long Do Dental Implants Take?

That depends on the implant procedure that you are interested in. However, many of these procedures have a very short waiting period, a very short surgery time, and a fairly short recovery time.

Here’s a list of some common dental implants procedures:

Single Tooth Implants – For single tooth replacement. The insertion of a single titanium dental implants followed by the attachment of a single crown.

Fixed-Bridge on Implants – For two or more teeth missing. Involves the insertion of two dental implant spread across two, three, or four teeth. This is followed by the attachment of a fixed bridge spanning two, three, or four teeth.

Over-denture – Almost like the All-on-Four™ implant option but uses two implants instead of four and can still be removed with the assistance of a dental professional. For people who have lost all or the majority of their teeth.

All-on-Four™ Dental Implant Procedure – This is the most drastic dental implant procedure. Involves the placement of four titanium dental implants either on the top of bottom of the jaw bone and are followed by the construction and attachment of a fixed denture that essential acts like a new set of natural teeth.

Why Replace Missing Teeth

The most important question to answer in this case is what are the negative effects of missing teeth on your overall oral health.

The Negative Effects of Missing Teeth

Without replacing missing teeth you are at a great risk of having some serious oral health problems and will turn your beautiful smile into something that’s not quite as pretty. You can often end up looking much older than you actually are. Allow me to explain…

Bone Resorption and the Deterioration of the Jaw Bone

Another important problem to address is the deterioration of the jaw bone when there is no tooth in place to stimulate the bone. Many times when people are missing multiple teeth, their jaw is affected by what is called, “bone resorption.” Essentially, bone resorption is the thinning and deterioration of bone in the jaw because there is no longer any teeth to stress part of the jaw bone.

Without replacing the missing teeth, your overall face structure changes and makes you look older than you really are. It often makes you look as if your face is shrunken in.

As you will soon discover, replacing missing teeth is one of the best ways to keep your whole mouth healthy and maintain your facial structure.

Tips for Better Oral Health

Always replace teeth as soon as they are lost. This will ensure that you won’t have any of the problems that are listed above and will keep you happy and healthy for the years ahead.

How much do Dental Implants Cost?

To accurately determine if you qualify, that is – if you have enough existing bone in your jaw, you are required to have a mouth examination and a panoramic x-ray or CBCT scan. This can end up costing you somewhere between 0 to 0.

The rough costs of any single dental implants, not an All-on-Four™ treatment, can cost you about ,500 to ,500 for one implant tooth. I know, it’s pretty expensive.

Dental implants are possibly the only tooth replacements that guarantee the overall well-being of your dental health and prevent a majority of the degrading of the jaw bone.

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