All Powercore Oxi concentrated laundry detergent pacs


This stuff works great. My clothes come out clean and smelling good. Bought this pouch of All Powercore Oxi laundry detergent pacs (18 count) at my local Walmart. Been using these for a few times and I must say they work pretty good. Love the convenience of it, just throw one or two in the washer machine with my laundry load. All Powercore Pacs Oxi is safe for all washer machines. Dissolves completely in all water temperatures. Liquid and powder come together in one pack which delivers an astonishing clean for every load. Plus it keeps clothes whiter and brighter than the leading pacs. With Powercore Oxi, all it takes is one pac to keep your clothes clean and bright. Multi-chamber design with dual detergent chambers. Powder in the middle, liquid on the outer. Use one pac for regular loads, two packs for large heavily soiled load.
1. Dry hands before handling pacs.
2. Add pac(s) directly to drum, not dispenser, then add laundry.
3. Close container and immediately return it to its storage location.
4. Wash and dry hands.
Never leave packets outside of its container. Do not use for pre-treating and hand washing.

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