Acne Treatments To Get Rid Of Acne: Dr Barry Lycka video

allure Acne Treatments to get rid of acne are highlighted by Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka in his latest video, the final part of his 3 part mini-series on Acne.

Hi, Dr Barry Lycka talking to you on

This is the third part of our mini-series on Acne. We are going to talk about two things today.
First we are going to answer the question, ‘Can Acne Be Cured?’

Well I am sorry to say that this is another disease, like Rosacea, like Diabetes, like Asthma, that cannot be cured. BUT is can usually be controlled and in many people we can actually make the symptoms of this go away very nicely.

So what can we do to treat acne?

One – we can do nothing and it usually will go away but you might be as old as I am before that happens – so we don’t recommend that!

Second – we find that the traditional approach does help a lot of people. That means using antibiotics, changing aspects of diet, using creams, thinking about your makeup, and using cosmeceuticals. That approach helps a lot.
In addition, we are starting to use Microneedling. We are starting to use Chemical Peels. We are starting to get people better, faster, and we are really happy about that as well.

And the Third approach is using things that help in putting the acne to rest. One is a very powerful agent called Accutane and if you are considering it I really recommend you see a dermatologist so that they can run over the pros and cons of it with you.

And the Last thing we have to treat acne are our lasers. We use them in two respects. One is to help put the acne to sleep, and the other way is to treat the acne scarring that is there. And YES – I want you to know that we can do wonders with scarring in this day and age. So if you do have scarring from your acne, don’t worry about it – see a Dermatologist such as myself and get some help. If you would like to see me, come on down!

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