A Tribute to Indonesian Implantology Mastermind, Dr. Hendra Hidayat


Dr Hendra Hidayat is recognized nationally and internationally as expert in implant dentistry. He is also one of the first oral surgeons in Indonesia, as well as the pioneer of jaw correction.

Dr Hendra Hidayat has discovered many methods to solve various teeth problems, from rare tooth and mouth conditions to aesthethic dentistry in Indonesia and abroad.

Dr Hendra Hidayat is a very influential person in Indonesian dental education, and has been responsible for training dentists from around the world to excel in their practices. A notable contribution was his book, “Getting Started in Dental Implant.”

Along with Hendra Hidayat Implant Center (HHIC), the specialist dental clinic, he and his team also established Hendra Hidayat Dental Center (HHDC), an affordable one stop dental clinic.