9 Ways to Protect Your Teeth Enamel


9 Ways to Protect Your Teeth Enamel
Ways to protect your teeth enamel
1. Use soft-bristled toothbrush.
2. Use toothpaste that contains fluorine. Fluorine is an element that can strengthen teeth enamel.
3. Avoid acidic food and beverages. Such as soft drink, vinegar, orange juice.
4. Use a straw when drink acidic liquid beverages.
5. Do not swish (Mouthwash) when drink acidic beverages. It will causes your teeth acidic and cause tooth erosion.
6. Eat high level of calcium and phosphorus foods. Calcium and phosphorus are important for teeth growth. Such as milk, pumpkin seed, fish, broccoli, kale.
7. Drink more water. Water helps saliva production. Saliva contains mineral to restore teeth enamel.
8. Rinse your mouth after eat. As the food stuck on your teeth might damage your tooth.
9. Get to Dental Checkup regularly to ensure professional dental treatment and consultant.

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