5 Uses For Salt | Home Hack


Salt can be used for more than cooking. Use this HomeAdvisor home hack video to make your life easier.

Hack 1: Salt isn’t just for your french fries – it also can be used to clean up your iron. Just heat up your iron, sprinkle salt onto parchment paper and wipe the warm surface.

Hack 2: To clean a sponge full of food, soak the sponge in a tub of salt water. remove and rinse.

Hack 3: Salt can be a natural drain cleaner. Pour it down the drain until it’s full. Add white vinegar, let it fizz and then clear with hot water.

Hack 4: Salt can clean up copper too. Just pour the salt onto a lemon and scrub.

Hack 5: Salt can make clean up easy. If you drop an egg, throw salt on the yolk to prevent it from spreading. Wipe right up.

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Video features Skaie Knox of HomeJelly blog.