5 unbelievable beauty hacks you wish you knew before


Hi everyone, welcome to my channel healthy life with lisa. Today in this video i am going to share 5 beauty hacks that you will wish you to knew before, so lets start,

1. Line and curl your eye brows at the same time

With your eye pencil, draw a thin line right along the edge of your lash curler; you can make the line as thin or thick as

you like. Make sure you get as close to your lashline as possible and press the base of the curler against your skin.

Squeeze and release the handle a few times to make sure the eyeliner smudges well into your lashline, and to help your

lashes curl. Voila! you not only curled your lashes but also lined them! It’s that easy!

2. Out of shaving cream, don’t worry use the conditioner without fear

If you are out of shaving cream hair conditioner is the next best thing. Designed to hydrate, conditioner is rich in

skin-beneficial ingredients, helps provide a slick surface on your skin, and softens your hairs. It works just as well as

shaving cream, and can leave your skin feeling softer than usual.

3. Olive oil as a make-up remover

we all appreciate that using the right make-up remover is one of the big beauty secrets. Here i am going to

introduce olive oil as a make-up remover. olive oil is easy to find since it is likely that you have some in the kitchen.

If you do not have any olive oil in the cupboard, you can buy a large bottle of olive oil in the grocery.


Dab the cotton ball or pad with olive oil and apply it to the face or eyelids that have makeup.

Gently rub the skin with the cotton ball or pad until the makeup is removed.

Rinse your face with lukewarm water to remove any oil residue and dab your face with a clean towel.

olive oil can be an effective way to remove makeup without causing acne (depending on your skin type).

4. Use beer to make hair super shiny

Beer is not always bad! Yes, you heard it right. Your doctor will say beer is not good for your health. However, your

beautician will have a different opinion on this. Beer is widely used for hair care. Take half a can of beer and after

shampooing rince your hair in beer. Let sit for a few minutes then rinse out. I know it sounds silly but I promise you, it

works. You will be left with silky shiny hair!

5. Brushing teeth with charcoal

If you have already spent a full 7 minutes of your life watching an oddly fascinating YouTube video of someone brushing

their teeth with pitch-black paste, they’re using activated charcoal as a natural tooth whitener. The strangest part? It

actually works. “I was super skeptical until I tried it—it’s quite messy, but it does strip away stains and plaque to make

your teeth appear whiter,” says Joseph Banker, DMD, a New Jersey-based cosmetic dentist.

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