5 simple tips for teeth whitening


Showing the world who we are through clothing, accessories and even the shoes we wear is something already done by everyone, but the thing that expresses our personality the most is our smile – a clean, white and beautiful smile that turns heads and shines with confidence.
If you want white teeth in a short amount of time using other options than whitening strips, which can sometimes be damaging, try these 5 simple ways to get those magical results effortlessly, cheap and fast!
1. Baking soda and lemon
It’s well known that lemon has bleaching proprieties, and since it’s already used to brighten dark spots on the skin or to refresh the scalp, why not use it on your teeth too?
The baking soda is perfect to counter the acidity of the lemon, and it will also act as a scrub to remove impurities.
Try not to do this too often though, that lemon juice in excess can damage the natural enamel of the tooth.
Use this once every 10 days and your smile will look amazing!
How to make it:
In a small glass mix 2 spoons of baking soda and one spoon of lemon juice.
Mix until you get the consistency of a paste and brush it on your teeth for about 1-2 minutes.
Leave it on another 30 seconds and then rinse with water.
You will start seeing results from your first use for sure!
2. Apple cider vinegar
This cool “recipe” is wonderful for day to day use and not only will it help whiten your teeth, but it will also freshen your breath.
If you have sensitive gums or high sensibility to hot or cold drinks, this simple tip will help a lot with strengthening the enamel of your teeth and prevent tooth decay in the long run.
How to make it:
In a cup mix 150 ml of water and one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.
Try to gurgle it all over the mouth for at least 1-2 minutes and then brush your teeth as usual with toothpaste and water.
This will also serve as a perfect natural mouth-wash and will make the difference in the color of your teeth after only 1 week.
3. Charcoal
Yes, the pitch black charcoal is one of the best remedies for yellow teeth, and it’s super easy to use!
It also has awesome proprieties to absorb toxins and stains, being used for cleansing and detox in other medical areas too.
So get yourself a pack of activated charcoal powder from your local pharmacy and try it!
The fine powder has a small amount of abrasive power, so that the superficial layer of tartar will be long gone even after a few tries.
How to use it:
Simply apply using a q-tip, your fingers or a toothbrush, rubbing the powder gently all over the teeth.
Don’t be scared by the first look of a totally black mouth, it’s normal.
Let it stay on for 2 full minutes and keep brushing or massaging the teeth in small circles and soft motions, then rinse well with water several times.
The freshness of your mouth and white of your teeth will feel amazing, and you can redo this whole process as often as you need it.
4. Coconut oil
Tooth decay isn’t a joking matter, that’s why oral hygiene should become one of your top priorities.
Try coconut oil to cleanse and detox the whole mouth and keep the health of your teeth intact.
Its use is absolutely harmless so you can easily treat your teeth like this every day, with positive consequences only.
How to use it:
Take a spoonful of coconut oil and move it through your teeth for about 10 minutes just before the normal brushing.
Don’t be afraid to also push it around your gums and the inside of your cheeks.
Its nourishing proprieties will help with sore spots and help them heal faster.
Brush your teeth with your usual toothpaste and you’re done!
5. Raisins
Are you amazed yet?
Yes, raisins help a lot with the health of your teeth, and consuming them as long as you want will also whiten your teeth.
Due to their sweet and sour taste, raisins have the ability to induce saliva production, which cleans the teeth and protects them in a natural way.
How to use it:
No instructions here, simply chew a few raisins whenever you like it, and notice the difference in a few weeks.
Your teeth will shine, not to mention the sweet treat!
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