253 The Future Of Hygiene with Linda Douglas : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran


• Enhancing patient care through increased interdisciplinary collaboration between all medical and dental healthcare professionals.

• Education of the dental hygienist

• The future roles of the dental hygienist; how is dental hygiene practice likely to change?

• What I like about Dentaltown and Hygienetown.

• How Dentaltown and Hygienetown has sparked my professional growth.

• How my curious nature, and love of writing has enhanced my career

• Overcoming shyness, and fear of public speaking, (which was holding me back professionally).

• Rethinking views on retirement-when I was young, most women I knew retired at 60; as this draws nearer, I realise am enjoying my profession too much to think of retirement.

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I am from London, England where I was an OR technician initially, then I decided I like patients better when they are conscious, so I switched to the dental field.

Since graduation from hygiene school, I worked for 8 years in periodontology, public health and general practice before moving to Canada in 1990, where I have worked in general practice. I also worked for our regulatory body, the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario as a quality assurance assessor for 4 years.

I started writing articles in 2009, and began teaching continuing education in 2013.

I also completed my Bachelor’s degree in Oral health promotion with O’Hehir University in 2013.