Savannah and Lizzy wanted to show everyone how they brush, floss and apply mouthwash in this fun teeth brushing routine! Savannah helps canyon get ready for the day and the girls go shopping for shoes!!

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We are a family of 9 (YES, 7 kids) who love to experience the best of life through spontaneous adventures, being positive about life’s difficulties, loving and serving others and BEATING Cancer!

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Sarah – age 36 (MOM) – Interests are family, reading books, Gardening, sewing, cooking, and playing games with the family.

Johnny – age 36 (DAD) – Interests are family, hot rod cars, sports cars, hiking, biking, music, being in the outdoors, family parties, fishing, camping and spending every minute with family.

Branson – age 18 – Interests are long boarding, driving cars, pranking people, YouTube challenges, eating food, legos, playing guitar and playing piano.

Allie – age 14 – Interests are singing, dancing, acting, eating food, playing the violin, Disney characters, Olaf, Disney animato dolls, legos, anna dolls and sewing.

Daniell – age 12 – Interests are rollerblading, playing piano, playing guitar, swimming, playing with legos, biking and coloring her hair.

Savannah – age 8 – Interests are dancing, jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes, running outside, swimming, baby dolls, legos, poly pockets and playing with family and friends.

Lizzy – age 6 – Interests are swimming, riding razor scooter, sleeping, jumping on the trampoline, swinging, hello kitty, Rapunzel, legos, and her Cheetah pillow.

Az – age 4 – Interests are PIZZA PIE CAFE, Screaming, running, building with legos, drawing, coloring, swimming, throwing a ball, hot rod cars, matchbox cars, monster trucks, balloons, yoda, lego guns, light sabers, Star Wars, Disney movies, and ac/dc music.

Canyon – age 1 – Interests are rocks, balls, climbing, eating food, sleeping, smiling, running, being outdoors, swinging, jumping on the trampoline, cars, music and just being cute.

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